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This is my story 

The story of your life

Your life is unique and who better than you to tell it? What if you finally decide to talk? Without cheating, assuming everything.

You will become the central character of a documentary dedicated to you and you will be able to leave an exceptional testimony to your loved ones.

Through an interview, you will be able to transmit your journey and your experience to those you love.

Our team will make the documentary of your life. A simple, fast and modern way to make you happy and above all to make the joy of those who love you and around you.

All paths are exciting and yours is just as exciting as that of any personality. Have you ever told yourself that your life was a real novel? So now is the time to prove it and tell it!

All of those stories, tales, and memories that you have reminisced about over and over again at family gatherings are going to be forever etched in a documentary. Not only will you be able to recount the highlights of your life, evoke those who are dear to you, but also deliver your thoughts on life, our world and its evolutions.

Telling your own story is like embarking on a long journey. You have to be brave to look your life in the face and reveal part of your intimacy to others. Forget the fear of being judged and indulge yourself freely.


It is an immense proof of confidence that you will make to those around you. Your loved ones will be delighted that you are giving them the gift of sharing your life experience in all sincerity.

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